An Online Conference of Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts – 3rd Edition


Please be informed that the Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts – 3rd Edition conference will be held on the 11th through the 13th of September, instead of being held in May, as the attendees of both the Middle and Far East have requested the change since the day that was announced coincides with the month of Ramadan.

It is easy to identify a city’s identity by looking at its architecture. Architecture is the platform where all cultural, historical and economic monuments meet. With each city’s unique identity, the impact is left and history made. Similarly, traditions represent a critical piece of our culture and identity.

They help form the structure and foundation of our families and our society. They identify the part of a history that defines our past, shapes who we are today and who we are likely to become.

Once we ignore the meaning of our traditions, we’re in danger of damaging the underpinning of our identity.

The identity of cities has become a serious issue for many countries at present so that the role of organizations and governments has become to maintain and fix architectural buildings to save their heritage. For this reason, IEREK has organized the international conference on “Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts”.

This conference will talk about how historical cities are to change in the future and how architecture and arts are to be preserved. It will also discuss the city’s self-identity, how this identity could be affected over the upcoming years as well as how the architecture of a city and contemporary arts could affect the identity of a city.

This conference will also increase awareness of the importance of conserving architectural monuments and arts.

IEREK, through this conference, aims to gather research and exchange knowledge from different perspectives and views on the different ways through which architecture and contemporary arts are developed.

Also, IEREK seeks to emphasize the basis of urban development and identities as well as investigating the diverse approaches taken in both fields; architecture and contemporary art.

Following the success of the first and second international conferences on “Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts“, the third edition of the conference will be held from the 11th to the 13th of Sep,  2019. Benefit from an opportunity to benefit from and exchange knowledge with experts in this field.

Selected papers of the conference will be published in a book series by Springer in a book series titled Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation. Others will be published in the Resourceedings journal by IEREK Press.

Conference Topics

  • 1. Cultural Spaces and Landscapes in Contemporary Arts
  • 2. Cities with Religious and Cultural Themes
  • 3. Urban Growth, Morphology and Its Impact on Cities’ Identity
  • 4. Slums and Urban Fringe Belts
  • 5. New Developments in Urban Design and Shaping the City and Its Culture
  • 6. Contemporary Arts in Modern and Historical Cities
  • 7. Future Plans for Enhancing the Cultural Tourism of Historical Places
  • 8. The Cities’ Image and Self-identity
  • 9. Ideologies and Movements: Shaping the City and Its History
  • 10. Artistic Heritage and Its Impact on Contemporary Arts
  • 11. The Correlation Between Architecture and Arts and Conservation
  • 12. Architecture and Arts in Cultural Transformation Age
  • 13. Policies and Guidelines for Planning and Developing the Historical Areas
  • 14. Best Practices for Dealing with Historical Areas and Buildings
  • 15. Branding the Cultural Heritage of the City
  • 16. Transition to Smart Cities: Structure and Transformation
  • 17. Future of Our Past: Archeology is Yesterday’s Visual Arts for Today
  • 18. The Dialogue Between Ancient and Contemporary Visuals
  • 19. Mapping Cities’ Vocabularies: Ecological Approach of Conservation Projects
  • 20. Planning for Sustainable Context of Re-discovering Heritage Vocabularies
  • 21. Advances in Technologies of City Planning and Development
  • 22. International Case Studies in Emerging the Characteristics of Cities’ Identities

Important Dates

Title Date
Abstract Submissions Deadline 01 Mar 2019
Last Notification for Abstract Acceptance 14 Apr 2019
Full Paper Submission Deadline 13 Jun 2019
Last Notification for Full-Paper Acceptance 01 Aug 2019
Early Payment Deadline 13 Jun 2019
Regular Payment Deadline 01 Aug 2019
Late Payment Deadline 15 Aug 2019
Letter of Visa (for delegates who need visa entry) 01 Aug 2019
Letter of Final Acceptance 15 Aug 2019
Conference Program 15 Aug 2019
Conference Launch 11 Sep 2019

Conference Venue

The 3rd Edition of “Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts” will be held at Ingegneria Edile Architettura – Università di Pisa

Conference Fees:

Author Fees (Short Paper)
Short-Paper consists of 4 – 5 pages, and suits researches that make significant contributions, but still in progress or can be reported briefly.

Author fees for Early Payment 13th June 2019 EUR 250
Author fees for Regular Payment 13th July 2019 EUR 300
Author fees for Late Payment 12th August 2019 EUR 400

Author Fees (Full Paper)
Full-Paper is the basic standard peer-reviewed paper and often consists of 8 – 12 pages

Author fees for Early Payment  13th June 2019 EUR 400
Author fees for Regular Payment 13th July 2019 EUR 500
Author fees for Late Payment 12th August 2019 EUR 600

Regular Attendance Fees

Fees for Audiences (Co-authors, Learners, and Interests) EUR 250
Fees for NON-Attending Co-Authors EUR 50

Extra Fees (upon request) 

Additional Conference Book (Hard copy + CD)

* In addition to 1 free copy gifted to main authors, additional copies are available for the fee mentioned.

EUR 100

Springer/Journal Publication (Extended Paper)

* Authors who have submitted a short paper may extend their papers for the fee mentioned.

EUR 200

Refund Policy

Please note that we will endeavour to assist you in obtaining a visa if needed, by sending an invitation letter, but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.

– Delegates in any event who cancel their registration due to special circumstances for any reason will receive refunds according to the following plan and according to the number of days from the start of the event:

Cancellation Policy Up to 60 days before the event Up to 50 days before the event Up to 40 days before the event 39 days before the event
Penalty 20% 50% 70% 100%


All accepted papers of the third Cities’ Identities through Architecture and Art (3rd CITAA) after the peer-review process will be either published as chapters in the Book Series “Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation” (ASTI) by Springer or in The International Journal of Proceedings of Science and Technology (Resourceedings) online by IEREK Press.

The ASTI Book Series by Springer is by highly professional members of an International Editorial Board to ensure a high-quality publication material to be eventually published online and printable.

The ASTI Book Series will be submitted for indexation in Web of Science (ISI), EI-Compendex, and Scopus databases.

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