Bulgarian Scholarships To Study Abroad & To Study in Bulgaria -

Bulgarian Scholarships To Study Abroad & To Study in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Scholarships To Study Abroad & To Study in Bulgaria

Scholarships in Bulgaria

Studying in Europe in Bulgaria can be a great experience for everyone who desires to pursue his/her academic dreams overseas, be it local or international students. In addition to the quest to study tuition-free, you can also get a degree that is recognizable in almost all European nations.

If that is your desire, then studying in Bulgaria might be the missing link you are looking for. Hence, you may really need to check out the ongoing scholarships in Bulgaria.

What is education like in Bulgaria?

The higher education system in Bulgaria is made up of Universities, Colleges, and Specialized Higher Schools. Universities, as in most countries, have three stages: Bachelor’s (undergraduate) which takes about four years, Master’s (graduate) of about one to two years, and Doctoral degrees.

There are fifty-one higher educational institutions in Bulgaria offering degrees at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Academic year Plan in Bulgaria

The academic year for most Bulgarian universities begins around October 1 and consists of fall and spring semesters. The academic year covers up to 30 weeks.

Classes usually meet once a week for 75 minutes or for two 45-minute periods with a 15-minute break in between.

Tuition Fee in Bulgaria

The tuition fees in Bulgaria are quite low so people don’t spend much in this regard if they study in Bulgaria. Tuition fees for specialties in the medical field in Bulgaria are about 4000 Euro per semester.

If you study something else, tuition fees may vary but they are not likely to be more than 4000 Euro per academic year. As the academic year is about 10 months, this means that you will spend about 200 – 800 Euro a month for your university.

However, keep in mind that tuition fees are usually paid in two installments, so it is not possible to pay the above-mentioned sum every month.

Below are the exhaustive list of Bulgaria Scholarships which could provide you with profitable prospects that will help you support and achieve your academic pursuits in the country.

These scholarship opportunities in 2020 range from Bulgarian Government Scholarships to scholarships by Multinationals and public organizations that provide financial assistance to students who major in several fields of studies such as agriculture, technology, mathematics, engineeringand other science majors.

If you are interested in searching for any of these significant opportunities in your quest for Bulgaria scholarship, then this site is the right place to be in.

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