Scholarships For International Students In Malaysia 2022 -

Scholarships For International Students In Malaysia 2022

Scholarships For International Students In Malaysia 2022

Scholarship Description:

  • It has been easy for you to study in Malaysia now days, you can apply right now for Albukhary International University scholarships in Malaysia for international students where come from across the world, representing diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures.
  • We believe that the power of diversity challenges the minds of our students who have great potential. AIU aims to make university education more accessible to those with talent who otherwise may not have had the opportunity.
  • There is no other place like AIU that brings together its students and nurtures a spirit of unity and education for all. One more step before we uncover your potential.

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Scholarships Highlights:

  • Scholarship location: Malaysia.
  • Awarding university: Al-Bukhari International University.
  • Countries available for application: All countries are available to apply.
  • Study levelBachelor’s degree / Bachelor’s degree.
  • Language certificate: An English language certificate is not required because it has an English language course for one year for free.
  • Application Deadline: Applications are open throughout the year.

Grant funding of scholarships in Malaysia 2022:

  • Covering tuition fees for free.
  • Monthly salary 450 MYR.
  • Medical insurance.
  • University housing.
  • Free English language course before studying.
  • Pay the IELTS exam fee and get the IELTS certificate for free.

Majors awarded in scholarships in Malaysia 2022:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration with Honors.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Development.
  • Bachelor of Finance Islamic Finance.

Eligibility requirements of scholarships in Malaysia 2022:

  • Age between 18 and 22 years old.
  • Marital status Single.
  • Family income less than 300 USD for the international applicant and 2,000 MYR for the Malaysian applicant.

Required Documents for scholarships in Malaysia 2022:

  • Scholarship letter – only if you are sponsored by other party.
  • Fathers’ identification (ID) or death certificate.
  • Mothers’ identification (ID) or death certificate.
  • Father’s income slip *Proof of Income Declaration Form.
  • Mother’s income slip *Proof of Income Declaration Form.
  • Utility bill (electricity or water bill).
  • Verification letter by one of the referees *Sample Template for Scholarship Verification Letter.
  • Three (3) Photos of family home – view from outside, living room, kitchen *Sample of Family House Picture.

Personal Statement of scholarships in Malaysia 2022:

  • Why should the Albukhary Foundation sponsor you? (Write at least 150 words in English language)
  • How will the scholarship impact your future? (Write at least 150 words in English language)
  • What makes you a suitable and good candidate – any relevant skills, experience or achievement gained from education, work or other activities? (Write at least 150 words in English language)

How to Apply for Scholarships in Malaysia 2022:

To apply for this opportunity, you must apply for admission to a bachelor’s degree program at the university by filling in the online application and uploading the required documents.

  • The applicant will then be invited to an interview session before starting their studies.

When the academic and scholarship criteria are met, the applicant will be called to attend an interview session and the following aspects will be assessed through the interview session.

  • Socioeconomic status 40%.
  • Communication skills 20%.
  • Personal 20%.
  • Position 20%.

Please note that AIU reserves the full right to refuse or terminate any scholarship application that contains plagiarism or fraudulent information without prior notice to the applicant.

Albukhary International University Scholarship in Malaysia

Scholarships For International Students In Malaysia 2022

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