Switzerland Scholarship to Study Abroad & to Study in Switzerland -

Switzerland Scholarship to Study Abroad & to Study in Switzerland

Switzerland Scholarship to Study Abroad & to Study in Switzerland

Are you aware that tuition fees in Swiss universities are rather low compared to other European Countries when you have the Switzerland scholarships?

It’s possible to enrol at a Swiss University for as low as $1,500 annually. This makes Switzerland one of the very best choices for international students wanting to pursue studies in Europe.

Moreover,  there are available Swiss scholarships for international students that help towards tuition fees and living costs meaning that they may be Fully funded scholarships.

Scholarships to Study in Switzerland

Most Swiss universities are publicly financed, making international study relatively inexpensive. The Swiss government, and a few universities, also offer scholarships to international students. However, you must make sure you have sufficient capital to support yourself throughout your studies.

Once you are in Switzerland, being an international student, you could even work up to 15 hours a week.

Swiss government scholarships

For foreign students from a significant number of countries, the Swiss government provides scholarships throughout the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS).

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