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  • Are you looking for an internship in Turkey? If yes, apply for the United Nations 2020-21 internship in Turkey. The duration of the UN internship is 2 months and can be extended up to 6 months. The United Nations Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries (TBLDC) internship will take place in Gebze, Turkey.
  • The Interns is required to work 5 days for work under the supervision of TBLDC staff members. The best thing about this internship program is that you don’t need professional work experience to participate in UN internships.
  • The objective of the TBLDCs is to increase the contribution of science, technology and innovation to sustainable development in the least developed countries of the world.


  • Turkey

Financial coverage:

  •  Unpaid

Eligible Regions: 

  • anyone can join the opportunity from any part of the world


  • March 2, 2021

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Applicants must in the last year of their bachelor’s degree
  • Applicants must be enrolled in the graduate program
  • Must have recently graduated from college and joined the internship program within the first year of graduation.
  • Fluent written and spoken in English
  • Applicants who can speak one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations are highly regarded.

Job/Internship Description :

  • Performs computer publishing to produce a variety of printed materials and publications, using relevant computer systems and software applications.
  • Assists in the design and preparation of information materials.
  • Review and / or edit scripts and stories, create and edit animations as required, and prepare raw design presentations for clients, using relevant software and techniques.
  • Create models, drawings and illustrations by hand or electronically.
  • Develop storyboards for the initial stages of production, using creativity and artistic techniques to tell a story or provide information visually.
  • Match images with background graphics and special effects and ensure frame and audio sync
  • Help with programming various components of the production process, eg copy and revision, graphics, translation services, typesetting, printing, etc.
  • Keeps in touch with relevant parties about project specifications and mechanic approval for shipping, etc.
  • Track and monitor production flow to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Perform other related work as needed, including painting drawings, computer animation, infographic and print design, book illustrations, creative writing, technical art, installations, and photography.

Benefits :

Get a chance to work with the UN team in this UNITED NATIONS INTERNSHIP IN TURKEY 2021
It will boost your career and help you to get more international opportunities

Application Process:

  • Please follow the link below to apply for the program
[button color=”green” size=”medium” link=”https://inspira.un.org/psp/PUNA1J/?cmd=login&errorPg=ckreq&languageCd=ENG” target=”blank” ]Apply Now[/button] [button color=”purple ” size=”medium” link=”https://careers.un.org/lbw/jobdetail.aspx?id=133010&Lang=en-US” target=”blank” ]Official Link [/button]



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